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Doc. MUDr. Vlasta Tošnerová, CSc.

Paní doktorka Tošnerová je skvělá fyzioterapeutka a vysokoškolská profesorka. Moc mě potěšilo, když se na mě obrátila s prosbou o radu s výběrem oblečení na slavnostní předání ocenění od České Lékařské Komory. Řešily jsme oblečení, doplňky i líčení a paní doktorka si prý večer - i díky tomu, že vypadala moc dobře - krásně užila.

Posílám Vám v příloze článek z mého ocenění, který vyšel v Tempusu (časopis pro lékaře). Myslím, že díky Vám říkají lídé, že vypadám dobře. Tak děkuji.

Doc. MUDr. Vlasta Tošnerová, CSc.

Megan Pettit

Megan mě oslovila přes facebook a pozvala do Kemnathu v Německu, abych jí a několika jejím kamarádkám poradila s barvami. Byla jsem tam od té doby ještě dvakrát (Megan má spoustu kamarádek :)) a společně strávené dny si vždycky všichni užijeme.

I've seen Hana twice – once for my initial draping and once for a refresher. Both times she traveled to Germany to do groups of people. She is so sweet and accommodating. She has a wonderful eye for color and is an amazing analyst. I never would have thought I would end up in the season I'm in, but since being draped I feel so much more beautiful and confident. I no longer wonder "What's wrong with me?" when makeup looks awful or a shirt makes me look sick, because I know now those things are the wrong colors for me. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone interested in learning their season!

Megan Pettit

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Terry Wildfong

My name is Terry Wildfong. I am from Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. In the early 1990’s, I was trained in personal color analysis using the traditional 4-seasonal approach and used this system in my color business for over ten years. In the spring of 2005, I was trained and certified as a color analyst in the Sci\ART 12-Tone seasonal program by Sci\ART’s founder, Kathryn Kalisz-Donovan. At that time, she mentioned that she needed trainers to help teach this program. In the fall of 2005, I became Sci\ART’s first certified instructor and was trained by Kathryn, who was an extremely gifted color expert. I have successfully trained dozens of students over the last six years.

In March, 2011, I had the privilege of meeting Hanka and training her in the art of personal color analysis using the Sci\ART, 12-Tone method. Upon meeting her, I found she had a great personality and a strong desire to learn everything she could and had been trained in both style and cosmetics.

Our first day together consisted of learning color theory: what color is, how we see and feel it, and the visual effects created by how colors relate to one another. The theory is absolutely necessary to understand what you are seeing when you perform a color analysis. I then analyzed her and determined that she is a True Winter. She was stunned to say the least as she had been told she was lighter in coloring. So we went through each step again so she was able to see how I got to the results, and she agreed. The next days consisted of draping various models I provided for her, each being different in hair, eye, and skin color to give her a broad range of personal coloring that she will most likely encounter in her business. She has an excellent eye for color (as most Winters do) and learned how to use each color palette to create the best looks using cosmetics and offering various wardrobe color combination ideas.

Hanka is committed to providing a professional, educational, and accurate analysis; therefore, her clients can be confident in knowing her knowledge and expertise will provide them with stunning, accurate results.