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Do You Know That...

Colour is a science

In physics colour is determined by a wavelength of light radiating from a light source or being reflected by a surface. Human eye can register wavelengths between approximately 380 to 750 nm – this is so called visible spectrum – whilst human eye is least strained when watching light with wavelength of 555 nm, or colour green. Therefore the best relaxation for our eyes is to be in nature.

We register colours with our whole bodies

When you leave a blind person in a room painted red, their body temperature and blood pressure rises and breath quickens, even though they cannot see anything. Vice versa in a blue painted room their body temperature and pressure decreases and breath slows down.

What I Like...

My family

I am very lucky, because I have a great family. My husband Marko holds my feet steady to the ground and forces me to always expand my horizons. I love him, because he never gives up, even though it takes an amazing amount of work sometimes. My son Max is, of course, the sweetest thing in the universe.

He is five years old, so I can still write it here, but I am certain that in a couple of years he will force me to delete this. I also have parents that tried hard to raise me and my brother to be the best possible human beings and I hope we have not disappointed them too much. They have been together for half a century and I have a feeling that they enjoy life more and more each year. I would like to grow old into someone like them. And I also have a younger brother that has outgrown me in many ways and I am really happy for him.

What I also like, what makes me tick...